Reviving the William Liddell Collection

Sharing a unique insight on Irish Linen's heyday

lottery funded

This Heritage Lottery funded project “Reviving William Liddell’s Damask Designs” preserves and reveals a unique collection of 1600 photographic glass plates discovered in 2007 during the dismantling of the Ewart-Liddell factory at Donacloney, County Down. The photographs document the design and development work for Liddell’s Damask patterns and represents the labour of a highly skilled workforce of designers, draughtsmen and women and weavers working for the company during the years 1900’s to 1970’s. The project leaders Trish Belford and Barbara Dass using print and weave as their medium have created a contemporary response to the archive.


The collection is now housed at the Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum.

The Project

Reviving Liddell's Damask Designs

Liddell Collection

Revealing the skilled craftsmanship of the Liddell workforce

Liddell History

Donacloney, at the heart of a global industry


A record of the glass plates artwork and objects of the Liddell Collection